Rajdeep Sardesai Quiz: Indian Journalist

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Rajdeep Sardesai Quiz: Indian Journalist

Rajdeep Sardesai was born in May 1965. His career has included working as an anchor and reporter for India Today Television and as the Editor-in-Chief of Global Broadcast News, which provides for CNN-IBN, IBN7, and IBN-Lokmat. In addition to managing both NDTV 24X7 and NDTV India, Sardesai hosted popular shows like The Big Fight at NDTV. He has worked with The Times of India since October 1988.

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What is the age of Rajdeep Sardesai?
Where was Rajdeep Sardesai born?
What is the occupation of Rajdeep Sardesai?
Who is Rajdeep Sardesai’s father?
In which year He enter television journalism?
How many Children does Rajdeep Sardesai have?
Rajdeep Sardesai was Honoured by which award?
When was Rajdeep Sardesai born?
Who is Rajdeep Sardesai’s mother?
What is the name of Rajdeep Sardesai Spouse?