Rajendra Prasad Quiz: First President Of Republic India

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Rajendra Prasad Quiz: First President Of Republic India

Rajendra Prasad was born in December 1884 in the Kayastha family, Ziradei, Bihar. He was a lawyer, scholar, statesman, and Indian independence activist who fought for freedom.  Rajendra Prasad was also associated with the non-cooperation movement with Mahatma Gandhi for the independence of Indian. He played a remarkable role in creating the Constitution of India. His contribution to the formation of the Republic of India can never be forgettable. Let’s take a quiz on Rajendra Prasad to check your knowledge of how much you know about Rajendra Prasad.

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In which year, Rajendra Prasad received Bharat Ratna from the Government of India?
Rajendra Prasad is graduated from which college?
Who was the first President of the Republic of India?
Rajendra Prasad was in __________ political party.
What incident happened when Rajendra Prasad was in jail?
From which college, Rajendra Prasad completed his doctorate in law?
Books were written by Rajendra Prasad are _________
Rajendra Prasad’s autobiography, ______________ was published in 1946.
When was Rajendra Prasad born?
When did Rajendra Prasad die?