Rajiv Gandhi Trivia Quiz: Former Prime Minister of India

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Rajiv Gandhi Trivia Quiz: Former Prime Minister of India

Rajiv Gandhi Quiz: How well do you know Rajiv Gandhi?

Rajiv Gandhi was born in 1944. He was a politician from India who presided over the country as its sixth prime minister between 1984 until 1989. Following the death of his mother, the nation's first lady at the time, in 1984, he assumed office at the age of 40, becoming India's youngest prime minister. Here’s a quiz based on Rajiv Gandhi. So, Let’s play the quiz.

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When was Rajiv Gandhi born?
Before entering politics, what was Rajiv Gandhi's profession?
Rajiv Gandhi represented which constituency in Lok Sabha?
Who is the wife of Rajiv Gandhi?
What is the name of the residence Rajiv Gandhi lived in when he was a little child?
Where was Rajiv Gandhi born?
What year did Rajiv Gandhi become India's Prime Minister?
In what year did Rajiv Gandhi announce the National Policy on Education (NPE)?
Rajiv Gandhi was sworn in as Prime Minister by whom?
When did Rajiv Gandhi die?

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