Rana Sanga Trivia Quiz: The Hindu Emperor in Northern India

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Rana Sanga Trivia Quiz: The Hindu Emperor in Northern India

Rana Sanga Quiz: How well do you know Rana Sanga?

Sangram Singh I was born in 1482. He was popularly named Rana Sanga. The Guhila (Sisodia) dynasty was represented by Rana Sanga, who ruled Mewar, the traditional territory of the Sisodias in modern-day northwestern India. Do you know who Rana Sanga was? Why don’t you play this quiz and answer all 10 questions to test your knowledge?

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Who Is Rana Sanga? Play Quiz on Rana Sanga, Rana Sanga Question and Answer, Rana Sanga Quick Questions, Rana Sanga MCQ Questions, MCQS

What is the cause of death of Rana Sanga ?
How many battles did Rana Sanga fight?
When did Rana Sanga die?
What is the real name of Rana Sanga?
To whom did Rana Sanga defeat?
Who became the king after Rana Sanga?
What is the height of Rana Sanga ?
When was Rana Sanga born?
Rana Sanga is a king of ____________ dynasty.
What is the religion of Rana Sanga?
In which year was Rana Sanga born?
Which among the following is Rana Sanga’s dynasty capital?
Who did Rana Sanga marry?
Who was Rana Sanga’s father?

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