Rani Durgavati Quiz: A Ruling Queen of Gondwana

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  • Last Updated: 18 Jul, 2022
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Rani Durgavati Quiz: A Ruling Queen of Gondwana

Rani Durgavati was born in 1524. He was the Gondwanan Queen in power from 1550 to 1564. At the Mahoba fort, she was born into the royal Chandel Rajput dynasty of Salibahan. DurgavatimarriedDalpat Shah Kacchwaha, the Garha Kingdom's King Sangram Shah's adoptive son. The accomplishments of Rani Durgavati added to the fame of her ancestors' bravery and patronage. Here’s a quiz based on Rani Durgavati. Let’s play the quiz.

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When did Rani Durgavati die?
With which son of King Sangram Shah of Gondwana Kingdom was married Rani Durgavati?
In which region of Madhya Pradesh did Rani Durgavati rule?
Where was Rani Durgavati born?
Which Mughal ruler of Malwa attacked Rani Durgavati's Madavi kingdom several times?
Which weapons did Durgavati have a good practice of wielding?
Rani Durgavati is famous for taking on which Mughal ruler of Allahabad?
When was Rani Durgavati born?
To which Mughal did RaniDurgavati flatly refuse to offer a gift to her beloved white elephant (Sarman) and her trusted Vazir Aadhar Singh?
Where is the mausoleum of Maharani Durgavati built?