Relationship Quiz: Am I Happy in My Relationship?

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Relationship Quiz: Am I Happy in My Relationship?

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This relationship quiz is a comprehensive self-assessment tool designed to evaluate the level of satisfaction in a romantic relationship, reflecting on their emotional well-being, communication and future expectations.
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The satisfaction of a person in a relationship can be assessed using this questionnaire which ranges from flat out “yes or no” to ambiguous answers like “I guess not.” It therefore, encourages introspection on multiple levels thereby enabling one to better understand oneself emotionally and is a valuable resource for people who are unsure about their level of happiness within their romantic relationships.

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How often do you find yourself daydreaming about being with someone else?
How do you feel about the idea of introducing your partner to your friends and family?
Are you excited about spending quality time with your partner?
How often do you share meaningful conversations with your partner?
Are you satisfied with the level of trust in your relationship?
When you think about your partner, what is the dominant emotion?
Do you feel emotionally supported by your partner during challenging times?
How would you describe your level of intimacy with your partner?
When you think about your future together, how do you feel?
How do you feel when your partner walks into the room?
How do you feel when your partner expresses affection or love?
How do you envision your relationship in the next five years?
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