Relationship Quiz: Should I Get Back With My Ex?

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Relationship Quiz: Should I Get Back With My Ex?

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The “Relationship Quiz: Should I Get Back With My Ex?” help those who are thinking about the fate of their marriage. It has some reflective questions that are supposed to make someone think deeply about some aspects of it. The questions are meant to explore into communication, common interests, conflict resolution and long term objectives which bring out emotional and practical dimensions in the marriage. Four responses are given for each item with each expressing different sentiments from a "Yes” to “Never” as well as more detailed answers such as "May be" and "May not be." 
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The quiz helps people to see different angles, so as to measure the merits and demerits of their marriages, become self-aware of themselves and think about things carefully. Ultimately, it is a guide for people who are contemplating on getting divorced, they need to take time and think about their feelings and situations before they make such a big decision.

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Have you dated other people since the breakup?
Have you learned from the mistakes of the past relationship?
Have you discussed the reasons for the breakup?
How do your friends and family feel about the idea?
How do you handle conflicts in a relationship?
Do you still share common interests or goals
How often do you think about your ex?
Do you still feel a strong emotional connection?
Have you both grown individually since the breakup?
Are the issues that led to the breakup resolved?
How would you describe your breakup?
How do you feel when you see your ex with someone else?
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