Relationship Truth Quiz: Does He/She Likes Me?

By Natalia Harrison
Natalia Harrison, Content Moderator
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  • Last Updated: 24 Apr, 2024
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Let's Start this Quiz

Do you boyfriend/girlfriend like you? Let us help you know if the person really likes you.Show More

We have this relationship fun quiz, a perfect way to solve the mystery about your loved ones. 
Play relationship quiz!
It will be easy for you to figure out if the person you like is your ideal person. All you need is to answer the ten quiz questionsbased on your feelings towards that person. You can take this quiz to find out what's on your mind when it comes to the person you like the most.

How do you feel when they complement you?

How do you feel about their social media interactions with you?

Do they remember important dates like your birthday?

What's your reaction when they suggest hanging out?

How do you interpret their body language when they're with you?

What's your gut feeling when you're around them?

How often do you catch them staring at you?

How often do they initiate conversations?

Have they ever made romantic gestures towards you?

What's your reaction when you see their text?

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