Rich Barton Quiz: Chief Executive Officer of Zillow

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Rich Barton Quiz: Chief Executive Officer of Zillow

Rich Barton was born in 1967. He is the CEO of Zillow Group and a digital entrepreneur from the United States. Barton established Expedia, Inc., an online travel company (and a Microsoft subsidiary), Zillow, a real estate internet company, and Glassdoor, a job search engine and employment community. In 2016, Expedia purchased Trover, online travel photography sharing website and app he established. In addition, Barton is a board member of Netflix, Avvo, Nextdoor, and Artsy and a venture partner at Benchmark. Here's a quiz based on Rich Barton.

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When was Rich Barton born?
When was Barton found Expedia within Microsoft?
In which Tennis Hall of Fame was Barton, and his father inducted in 1999?
Where was Rich Barton born?
Where was Barton worked as a product manager in 1991?
In 1994, Microsoft planned to build a travel guidebook on which of these things?
When was Barton became a billionaire, according to Forbes?
In 1989, from which university did Barton get a degree in engineering?
When was Barton became the CEO of Expedia?
In which year did Barton return to Seattle and begin working toward the launch of Zillow with Lloyd Frink?