Rich Barton Trivia Quiz: Chief Executive Officer of Zillow

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Rich Barton Trivia Quiz: Chief Executive Officer of Zillow

Rich Barton was born in 1967. He is the CEO of Zillow Group and a digital entrepreneur from the United States. Barton established Expedia, Inc., an online travel company (and a Microsoft subsidiary), Zillow, a real estate internet company, and Glassdoor, a job search engine and employment community. In 2016, Expedia purchased Trover, online travel photography sharing website and app he established. In addition, Barton is a board member of Netflix, Avvo, Nextdoor, and Artsy and a venture partner at Benchmark. Here's a quiz based on Rich Barton.

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When was Rich Barton born?

  • June 5, 1976

  • July 12, 1975

  • June 2, 1967

  • July 8, 1975

When was Barton found Expedia within Microsoft?

  • In 1991

  • In 1992

  • In 1993

  • In 1994

Where was Barton worked as a product manager in 1991?

  • Microsoft

  • Apple

  • Google

  • Facebook

In which year did Barton return to Seattle and begin working toward the launch of Zillow with Lloyd Frink?

  • 2001

  • 2002

  • 2003

  • 2004

In 1989, from which university did Barton get a degree in engineering?

  • Cornell University

  • Stanford University

  • Oxford University

  • Columbia University

In which Tennis Hall of Fame was Barton, and his father inducted in 1999?

  • International Tennis Federation

  • National Tennis Club

  • South Dakota

  • Lawn Tennis Association

When was Barton became the CEO of Expedia?

  • In 1999

  • In 2000

  • In 2001

  • In 2002

In 1994, Microsoft planned to build a travel guidebook on which of these things?

  • Pendrive

  • CD-ROM

  • Card Reader

  • Compact Disk

Where was Rich Barton born?

  • Austin, Texas

  • Portland, Oregon

  • New Canaan, Connecticut

  • Providence, Rhode Island

When was Barton became a billionaire, according to Forbes?

  • In November 1999

  • In December 2000

  • In January 2021

  • In February 2020


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