Robert Frost Trivia Quiz: An American Poet

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Robert Frost Trivia Quiz: An American Poet

Robert Frost Quiz: How well do you know Robert Frost?

Robert Frost is well-known American poet. He created accurate portrayals of early country life and had a superb command of American common English. Most of the situations in his best poems from the early 20th century were from rural New England. He explored intricate philosophical and social issues through poetry. He garnered four Pulitzer prizes, was lauded throughout his life, and was frequently mentioned for his work.

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To whom did Robert Frost marry?
How many times was Frost nominated for Nobel Prize?
What was Robert Frost's first poem?
When was Robert Frost born?
In which year was "Nothing Gold Can Stay", published?
When did Robert Frost die?
Where was Robert Frost born?
What is Robert Frost best known for?
The line "Nothing gold can stay" is featured in the 2018 single "Venice Bitch" by which American singer?
In which year was he awarded the United States Congressional Gold Medal?

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