Rudy Ruettiger Trivia Quiz: A former American football player & Motivational speaker

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Rudy Ruettiger is a former American football player who played for the University of Notre
Dame Fighting Irish. He is best known for his inspiring story of overcoming obstacles and
achieving his dream of playing for the Notre Dame football team despite being undersized and
lacking athletic talent. His story was later adapted into a movie titled "Rudy".

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What football team did Ruettiger dream of playing for?

  • The Green Bay Packers

  • The Chicago Bears

  • The Notre Dame Fighting Irish

  • The Kansas City Chiefs

What was Daniel Ruettiger's nickname?

  • Rudy

  • Dan

  • Gene

  • Danny

What movie was made about Ruettiger's story?

  • Hoosiers

  • Rudy

  • Remember the Titans

  • Friday Night Lights

What did Ruettiger do after high school?

  • Joined the military

  • Went to college

  • Became a professional athlete

  • Traveled the world

What was Ruettiger's position on the Notre Dame football team?

  • Quarterback

  • Running back

  • Defensive end

  • Wide receiver

In what year did Ruettiger play his last home game for Notre Dame?

  • 1973

  • 1974

  • 1975

  • 1976

Where was Ruettiger born?

  • Joliet, Illinois

  • South Bend, Indiana

  • Atlanta, Georgia

  • Knoxville, Tennessee

Who was the coach that allowed Ruettiger to stay on the Notre Dame scout team?

  • Ara Parseghian

  • Dan Devine

  • Gordie Gillespie

  • Merv Johnson

What high school did Ruettiger attend?

  • Notre Dame High School

  • Joliet Catholic High School

  • Alonzo A. Crim Comprehensive High School

  • Holy Cross High School

What was Ruettiger's struggle in school?

  • He had trouble making friends

  • He had trouble with dyslexia

  • He had trouble with math

  • He had trouble with athletics


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