Ryan Bingham Trivia Quiz: An American singer-songwriter & guitarist

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Ryan Bingham Quiz: How well do you know Ryan Bingham?

George Ryan Bingham is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor known for his versatile music. He grew up in the Southwestern United States, joined the rodeo circuit in his teens, and learned music on a guitar gifted by his mother. Bingham signed his first record deal with Lost Highway Records in 2007, and went on to win an Academy Award, Golden Globe, and Grammy Award for his work on the soundtrack for the film Crazy Heart. His most recent album, American Love Song, was released in 2019, and he launched his own music festival, The Western, in 2019.

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What inspired Bingham's song "Wolves"?
Who gifted Bingham his first guitar?
Which song did Bingham write in a trailer house in Stephenville, Texas?
How many studio albums has George Ryan Bingham released till 2022?
Where is George Ryan Bingham currently based?
What was Bingham's occupation in his teens?
When did Bingham launch his own music festival, The Western?
Which label did Bingham release his last four albums under?
What award did Bingham win for "The Weary Kind"?
Which TV series featured Bingham's song "Wolves"?

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