Salman Rushdie Quiz: Indian-British novelist

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Salman Rushdie Quiz: Indian-British novelist

Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie was born in June 1947. A British-American writer of Indian descent, he is also an essayist. His work, which blends magical realism with historical fiction, is mainly about the connections, disruptions, and migrations between Eastern and Western civilizations, particularly on the Indian subcontinent. As a result of the controversy surrounding The Satanic Verses, Joseph Anton published Joseph Anton: A Memoir in 2012.

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What is the full name of Salman Rushdie?
In which year was Salman Rushdie elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature?
What was Salman Rushdie's rank in the 50 most significant British writers list since 1945?
What was the name of Salman Rushdie's first novel?
Salman Rushdie, which book won Booker Prize in 1981?
When Salman Rushdie was elected a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters?
When was Salman Rushdie born?
Salman Rushdie, which novel was the subject of significant controversy?
In which year did Queen Elizabeth II knight Salman Rushdie for his services to literature?
What is the name of Salman Rushdie's fourth wife?