Saroj Khan Quiz: Indian choreographer

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Saroj Khan Quiz: Indian choreographer

Saroj Khan was born in November 1948 and died in 2020. She was an Indian dance choreographer in Hindi cinema. Her best-known creation was Dance Form Mujra, and she was the first woman choreographer of Bollywood. With a career spanning over forty years, she is best known for her work on Dance Form Mujra. She choreographed over 3000 songs before experiencing a heart attack on 3 July 2020.

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From which song did Saroj Khan get acclaim as a Bollywood choreographer?
How many kids does Saroj Khan have?
Saroj Khan got a break as an independent choreographer with which film?
What was Saroj Khan's original name?
Which female actor has Saroj Khan worked with the most in Bollywood?
Before assuming the position of a Bollywood choreographer, what is it that Saroj Khan did for work?
When did Saroj Khan die?
Which song did Saroj Khan win her first national award for?
The first song Saroj Khan choreographed herself was picturized on which actor?
When was Saroj Khan born?