Satyajit Ray Quiz: An Indian Director

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  • Last Updated: 13 Nov, 2022
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Satyajit Ray Quiz: An Indian Director

Satyajit Ray was born in 1921. He was a director, documentarian, screenwriter, writer, lyricist, magazine editor, essayist, illustrator, calligrapher, and musician from India. Ray began his work as a commercial artist before becoming interested in independent filmmaking after meeting French director Jean Renoir and watching Vittorio De Sica's Italian neorealist movie Bicycle Thieves (1948) while visiting London. Here’s a quiz based on Satyajit Ray. So, Let’s play the quiz.

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When was Satyajit Ray born?
Where was Satyajit Ray born?
How many prestigious honours did Satyajit Ray receive throughout the course of his career?
In 1969, Satyajit Ray directed which commercially successful film?
When did Satyajit Ray begin his career?
When did Satyajit Ray die?
What award did Satyajit Ray receive in 1985?
To whom did Satyajit Ray get married?
Which is the highest honor Satyajit Ray has ever received?
When did the Indian government establish the Satyajit Ray Cinema and Television Institute for film studies?