Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Quiz: Which Scott Pilgrim Character Are You?

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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Quiz: Which Scott Pilgrim Character Are You?

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Netflix is premiering n animated streaming series called Scott Pilgrim Takes Off. The director of this series is Bryan Lee O’Malley and Ben David Grabinski. It is a show based on Scott Pilgrim comics. It follows a young indie rocker in Toronto who tries to retain an apartment, maintain his jobs while meeting with the seven ex-boyfriends of the new girl in town that he has fallen for.
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Join us to play our amazing Scott Pilgrim Takes Off TV series quiz. Playing this quiz you will get to know which character are you by answering all the questions. Enjoy playing these quizzes and many other quizzes including movie quizzes.

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What's your view on love and relationships?
How do you handle conflict in relationships?
Choose a preferred mode of transportation:
What's your approach to personal growth?
How do you deal with past relationships?
Choose your preferred fighting style:
What's your attitude towards challenges?
How do you approach decision-making?
Describe your fashion sense in two words:
How do you handle fame and attention?
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