Selling The OC Quiz: Which Selling The OC Character Are You?

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Selling The OC Quiz: Which Selling The OC Character Are You?

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Selling the OC is the American reality television programme Selling the OC. It is a spin-off of the well-liked Selling Sunset series on Netflix and centres on the lives of Orange County, California, real estate brokers employed by the Oppenheim Group.
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Find out which character from this reality television series you identify to the most if you've been engrossed by the world of opulent real estate and drama in Selling The OC. Find out if you're more like Polly, Jarvis, Alex Hall, or Kayla by honestly answering the following questions.

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What's your view on work-life balance?
What's your approach to personal branding and social media?
What's your reaction to working in a competitive real estate market?
How do you handle difficult clients?
What's your approach to client relationships?
What's your view on competition in the real estate market?
What's your view on real estate as a long-term career?
What's your preferred negotiation style?
What's your communication style with clients?
How do you react to setbacks in your career?
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