Shannon Bream Trivia Quiz: An American journalist

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Shannon Bream Quiz: How well do you know Shannon Bream?

Shannon Bream is an American journalist, attorney, and host of Fox News Sunday. She was born on December 23, 1970, and was a former contestant in Miss America 1991 and Miss USA 1995 pageants. She holds a degree in Business Management from Liberty University and a JD degree with honors from Florida State University College of Law. Bream began her career as a lawyer specializing in race discrimination and sexual harassment before changing careers to pursue a career in television news. She has authored three books and is trained as a classical pianist. Here are 10 quiz questions about Shannon Bream:

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What is Shannon Bream's career background before entering the television news industry?
What is Shannon Bream trained as, aside from being a journalist and lawyer?
Who did Shannon Bream replace as the permanent anchor of Fox News Sunday in 2022?
What is the name of Shannon Bream's book that reached the number one spot on The New York Times Best Seller list?
What was Shannon Bream's specialization in law?
In what year did Shannon Bream join Fox News Channel?
In what year did Shannon Bream win the pageant title of Miss Virginia?
What was Shannon Bream's undergraduate degree from Liberty University?
What is Shannon Bream's birth name?
What is the name of the program that Shannon Bream hosted before becoming the host of Fox News Sunday?

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