Shereen Bhan Quiz: An Indian Journalist

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Shereen Bhan Quiz: An Indian Journalist

Shereen Bhan was born in August 1976. She is a news anchor, Indian journalist, and Managing editor of CNBC-TV18. On September 1, 2013, Shereen stepped in as managing editor of CNBC-TV18 and replaced Udayan Mukherjee. In April 2005, she was awarded the FCCI Woman of the year award. In addition, the World Economic Forum titled her as one of the Young Global Leaders of 2009. In 2021, Shereen was nominated as the best news presenter or Anchor, 26th Asian Television Awards, and India Business Hour. Let’s take a quiz about Shereen Bhan.

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When was Shereen join CNBC-TV18?
When was Shereen Bhan born?
Shereen Bhan is the Managing Editor of Which Channel?
From which of these awards Shereen was awarded?
Who was named Shereen “Young Global Leader”?
When did Bhan become Best News Presenter or Anchor?
When did Shereen become Women's magazine Femina of the year?
When was Bhan got the FICCI Woman of the Year award?
From which college did Shereen complete her graduation?
From where did Shereen complete her schooling?