Shiv Khera Quiz: The Social Activist & Motivational Speaker

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  • Last Updated: 10 Jul, 2021
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Shiv Khera Quiz: The Social Activist & Motivational Speaker

Shiv Khera is one of the best Indian motivational speakers, social activists, and great authors. His father runs a business in the coalfield, and his mother was a homemaker. His family faced lots of problems after the nationalization of coal mines. Shiv Khera started his career and become a motivational speaker providing lectures on leadership qualities, attitudes, and values. Mr. Shiv Khera is motivating people and encourages them to realize their true potential. Let just check out how much you know about Shiv Khera.

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In how many languages book “You Can Win” written by Shiv Khera was published?
Which of the following book is written by Shiv Khera?
Where did Shiv Khera born?
Mr. Shiv Khera supported which of the following party in the 2014 election in India?
In which year, Shiv Khera started the Bharatiya Rashtravadi Samanata Party?
Who is the founder of Qualified Learning Systems USA?
Mr. Shiv Khera is graduated from which of the following colleges/universities?
Which organization was founded by Shiv Khera against caste-based reservation?
Mr. Shiv Khera is the brand ambassador of the _______
When was Shiv Khera born?