Shortcomings Quiz: Which Shortcomings Character Are You?

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Shortcomings Quiz: Which Shortcomings Character Are You?

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“Shortcomings” is a film that compels thought, taking a dive into the lives of Ben, Alice, Miko, and Sasha. It explores their complex relationships and personal struggles while diving into themes of identity, cultural heritage, and self-discovery. The movie expertly navigates the challenges they face along with any shortcomings they come across. It’s both a heartwarming, yet bitter telling of human emotions and connections. Take this Shortcomings Movie Quiz!
Find out what character from “Shortcomings” you resonate with the most. Take the quiz to discover your inner journey through the lens of Ben, Alice, Miko, or Sasha. Make sure to join us today for some fun!

Let's Start this Quiz
How do you approach technology and gadgets?
What's your go-to reaction when someone cancels plans last minute?
What's your preferred way to handle a stressful situation?
What's your typical response to social gatherings?
How do you handle disagreements with your partner?
How do you handle being single?
How do you respond when you make a mistake at work?
How do you react when faced with a long to-do list?
What's your approach to managing finances?
What's your attitude towards self-improvement?
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