Should I End My Relationship Quiz

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Should I End My Relationship Quiz

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Think about all the signs you’re getting indicating your relationship isn’t going so well. Do they make you think it’s time to end it all? Well, we got a quiz to answer just that. Ups and downs are common in relationships, but there’s a point where there are too many downs for anyone to handle. That point is where you lose yourself and any reason to continue the relationship. If you think that point may be approaching, take our quiz below. It’ll give you an idea of where you stand. 

Let's Start this Quiz
Do you two put in the effort to better each other’s lives?
Do you two care about each other’s families?
Do you ever feel like you’re financially unsafe with your partner?
Can you understand how your partner feels and thinks?
Does your partner support your dream?
Does your partner tend to make you less motivated?
When you feel sick, can you always turn to your partner?
If this relationship ends, will you be devastated?
Are you able to laugh with your partner often?
If something were to happen and you changed physically, do you think your relationship would change, too?
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