Singular And Plural Quiz: Simple Questions And Answers

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The Singular And Plural Quiz is a simple quiz on the basics of forming singular and plural nouns. We have listed 10 questions with 4 options to evaluate how nouns change when they refer to one or several things. 
Targeting common nouns such as “cat,” “child,” “mouse” and similar ones, this quiz aims at re-emphasizing basic language rules in a summarized and interesting way. You will increase your knowledge about the morphology of nouns by taking test in singulars versus plurals, which is an important aspect of understanding any language.
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What is the plural form of "cat"?

  • cats

  • caties

  • cates

  • catos

Choose the correct plural form of "knife":

  • knifes

  • knive

  • knifes

  • knives

Choose the correct plural form of "leaf":

  • leafs

  • leafies

  • leaves

  • leafen

What is the plural of "foot"?

  • foots

  • feets

  • footies

  • feet

What is the plural form of "man"?

  • mans

  • manes

  • men

  • manses

Which option correctly pluralizes "tooth"?

  • teeth

  • tooths

  • toothies

  • toothen

Which option correctly pluralizes "goose"?

  • gooses

  • geese

  • goos

  • gooseies

What is the plural of "mouse"?

  • mouses

  • mice

  • mices

  • mousees

Which option shows the correct plural form of "child"?

  • childs

  • childen

  • childies

  • children

Which is the correct plural form of "sheep"?

  • sheepies

  • sheeps

  • sheep

  • sheepen


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