Which Song Of The Bandits Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which Song Of The Bandits Character Are You? - Quiz

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Nobody really knows what the old West was like. We can read books and watch movies, but it's hard to truly understand how crazy and wild it would have been.Show More

But there’s still a chance to get a similar experience. On September 22nd, 2023, a new series is coming out that takes place in East Asia during the time of our own Wild West. The land of Gando is chaotic and lawless. It was on this land where Chinese territories, Japanese money, and Joseon people gathered to protect their people.
Song of the Bandits is an action drama about people who have become famous from their actions. Nobody knows if they’re good or bad, but we know they make for great television. You’ll be able to stream it soon.
Just like any good show, we have a quiz for you. Test your knowledge on the series by answering all sorts of questions about the characters and storylines. Remember not to cheat!

How do you handle conflict in the Bandits?
What's your ideal hideout location?
How do you handle negotiations with rival bandit groups?
What's your go-to weapon in a tight spot?
What's your favorite heist target in the Bandits?
What's your motivation for joining the bandits?
What's your greatest fear?
Which famous bandit from history do you admire?
What's your signature clothing style?
How do you handle betrayal within the bandit group?
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