Spy Kids Quiz: Which Spy Kids Character Are You?

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Spy Kids Quiz: Which Spy Kids Character Are You?

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Spy Kids is a movie created by Robert Rodriguez that focuses on spy action comedy films. The plot revolves around a group of children who discover their parents are spies and join a spy organization. Latino themes are present in the films since Rodriguez is Mexican. Elements of Spy Kids influence James Bond movies because it is a family film. "The first film is a fusion between Willy Wonka and James Bond, while the second is a blend of Mysterious Island and James Bond.", Rodriguez said.
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Take this quiz to learn more about the supernatural world. Determine which character's characteristics are similar to yours by answering intriguing situational questions.

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What is your preferred gadget of choice?
What is your favorite type of mission?
How do you motivate yourself for dangerous missions?
What do you do when your family's safety is threatened?
What do you do when you are under high pressure?
How do you deal with villains?
How do you approach teamwork?
What is your post-mission downtime management strategy?
How would you handle a difficult opponent?
What is your ideal hideout?
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