Stan Lee Trivia Quiz: An American comic book writer

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Stan Lee Trivia Quiz: An American comic book writer

Stan Lee Quiz: How well do you know Stan Lee?

Stan Lee was born in 1922. He was a comic book author, editor, publisher, and producer from the United States. He advanced through the ranks of Timely Comics, a family-run company that would eventually become Marvel Comics. For twenty years, he served as the company's chief creative officer. During that time, he oversaw its growth from a little publishing company division to a major multimedia company that ruled the comics and cinema sectors. Let’s play the quiz based on Stan Lee.

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When was Stan Lee born?
Where was Stan Lee born?
When did Stan Lee die?
In 1968, with whom did Lee launch The Silver Surfer series?
In what year was Lee inducted into the Eisner Award Hall of Fame?
When did Stan Lee attempt to develop Marvel properties in other media?
To whom did Stan Lee get married?
Which medal did Stan Lee receive in 2008?
Which Internet-based studio was founded by Stan Lee and Peter Paul in 1998?
Lee’s career began at a business called Timely Comics that later became which comic?

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