Stanley O'Neal Quiz: An American Business Executive

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Stanley O'Neal Quiz: An American Business Executive

Earnest Stanley O'Neal was born in Roanoke, Alabama, in October 1951. After holding several high management positions, he is an American business executive who previously served as chairman and chief executive of Merrill Lynch. O'Neal was accused of his performance as CEO of Merrill Lynch. He ruled over the firm's decline instability and capital position, which led to his dismissal in September 2007 and the firm's final fire sale to Bank of America a year later. Here's a quiz based on Stanley O'Neal.

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On January 18, 2008, for which post was O'Neal named at Alcoa Company?
In 2000, for which position was O'Neal appointed at Merrill Lynch?
When was O'Neal divorced from his firm?
When was Stanley O'Neal born?
In which years was O'Neal named the "Most Powerful Black Executive in America"?
Where was Stanley O'Neal born?
When was O'Neal resigned as CEO of Merrill Lynch?
When was O'Neal Became the CEO and Chairman of Merrill Lynch?
In 1986, which company did O'Neal Join?
When was O'Neal gained a degree in industrial administration?