Stephen King Trivia Quiz: An American Author

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Stephen King Trivia Quiz: An American Author

Stephen King Quiz: How well do you know Stephen King?

Stephen Edwin King was born in 1947. He is an American writer of books in the genres of horror, fantasy, suspense, science fiction, and paranormal fiction. His publications have sold over 350 million copies, and many of them have been made into movies, television shows, miniseries, and comic books. This moniker, a play on his last name, refers to his prominence in popular culture. Here’s a quiz based on Stephen King. So, let’s play the quiz based on him.

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What university did King attend from 1966 until 1971?
To whom did Stephen King get married?
Which pseudonym did King use when he wrote The Running Man and Thinner?
When did King Get the Hugo Award for his non-fiction Danse Macabre?
When was Stephen King born?
What year did King's "Salem's Lot" come out?
What is the title of King's 1996 novel about a fictional ghost town?
What is the title of King's novel set at Cold Mountain Penitentiary and originally published in serial form?
Where was Stephen King born?
Which was Stephen King's debut book?

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