Steve Smith Quiz: Top-order international cricket Player

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Steve Smith Quiz: Top-order international cricket Player

Steven Smith was born in the year 1989 in Sydney. He is an international cricketer player and vice-captain of the Australian national cricket team. Smith was also the former captain of the Australian cricket team. He was always rated as the best test cricketer because of his outstanding performances. Steve Smith is the world topper in domestic cricket for the Sydney Sixers. Steve Smith made an immediate impression during his debut year in the Indian Premier League in 2012. Let's test your knowledge about how much you know the world's best cricketer- Steven Smith.

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When was Steven Smith born?
Where was Steven Smith born?
In which year, Steven Smith made his test debut?
Steven Smith is International Cricket Player. From which international cricket team he plays cricket?
Steven Smith becomes “ICC Men's Test Player of the Decade” in which year?
What is the full name of Steven Smith?
Steven Smith is __________
In the 2010 Indian Premier League, Smith made his debut. In which cricket team was Smith playing in the 2010 IPL?
What is the ODI shirt no. of Steven Smith?
To whom did Steven Smith get married in 2018?