Which Stranger Things Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which Stranger Things Character Are You? - Quiz

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Welcome To Stranger Things Quiz!Show More

Dive into the Hawkins mysteries with our Stranger Things Quiz and find out which iconic character mirrors your inner hero! Are you the fearless telekinetic powerhouse like Eleven, defying laws of physics with a nosebleed and a determined stare? Or the resourceful leader like Dustin, uniting the gang with cheesy jokes and a loyal heart? Maybe you're the brainiac like Max, cracking codes with a sardonic wit and a killer mixtape? Or the brooding artist like Robin, seeing through facades with a sharp eye and a passion for truth? 
No matter your Hawkins side, this quiz will unravel your hidden strengths, vulnerabilities, and the Demogorgon you might choose to face. So, grab your bikes, click the link, and see if you'll join the fight against the Upside Down! Remember, in the world of Stranger Things, every stranger has a story. Take the quiz and unleash your legend!

A mysterious entity is threatening your town. What's your plan?
How do you feel about government experiments and secret laboratories?
A new, popular mall is causing disturbances in your community. How do you react?
The government is conducting secret experiments in your town. What's your stance?
The Upside Down is causing chaos in your town. What's your role in dealing with the threat?
If you had psychic abilities like eleven, how would you use them?
You move to a new place for a fresh start. How do you adapt?
You discover a mysterious portal to an alternate dimension. What do you do?
A close friend goes missing in a small town with a dark secret. What's your approach?
Your family is involved in a supernatural crisis. How do you respond?
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