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Clear and effective communication in English requires an understanding of subject-verb agreement. To test your knowledge concerning this basic grammatical concept is the aim of this quiz. Number concordance or subject verb agreement is that condition where the subject and verb in a sentence match their number (either singular or plural). Though it may appear simple on the surface, mastery of subject-verb agreement can be difficult because there are many rules and exceptions.
There are 10 questions in this quiz that entails sentences with two options for the verb. You have to choose one option that correctly fits the sentence’s subject. Whether you’re a student who wants to strengthen your grasp of grammar rules, or simply someone who loves languages and would like to improve further, taking this quiz will give you a chance to check your knowledge and enhance your ability to properly use verbs with their subjects too.
Now let us delve into how good you are at identifying which pairings between subjects and verbs is correct. Play our QUIZ now!

Identify the correct subject-verb agreement:

  • My collection of stamps is growing every day.

  • Every day, my collection of stamps are growing at an alarming rate

Which sentence demonstrates correct subject-verb agreement?

  • The jury is deliberating the case.

  • This is not right.

Choose the sentence with correct subject-verb agreement:

  • Either Sarah or her friends are coming to this party tonight

  • Either her friends or Sarah is coming to this party tonight

Which sentence has the correct subject-verb agreement?

  • The team play well together.

  • The team plays well together.

Which of the following sentences demonstrates correct subject-verb agreement?

  • In the park, a dog barks loudly.

  • Loudly, a dog bark in the garden.

Choose the correct subject-verb agreement:

  • Studying for the exam is being done by a group of students.

  • A group of students are studying for the exam.

Identify the correct subject-verb agreement:

  • Everyone is shocked that news, shocking to all, .

  • The news is shocking to everyone.

Identify the correct subject-veerb agreement:

  • Politics is a complicated subject to discuss.

  • I want to emphasize that politics are a type of art nowadays

Which sentence has the correct subject-verb agreement?

  • Springtime brings about beautiful blooming flowers each year.

  • Each of these flowers bloom beautifully during springtime

Choose the sentence with correct subject-verb agreement:

  • Neither the cat nor the dogs were seen in the yard.

  • There were no cats and dogs in my yard.


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