Which Suicide Squad Character Are You? - Suicide Squad Quiz

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Which Suicide Squad Character Are You? - Suicide Squad Quiz

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Unleash your inner anti-hero and discover your perfect Suicide Squad partner-in-crime with this explosive quiz!Show More

Dive into the mayhem and answer questions that test your Harley Quinn-worthy wit, Deadshot's sharpshooting aim, or King Shark's undeniable charisma. Will you charm your way out of trouble, blast through adversity, or chomp your way to victory? 
Take the quiz, grab your trusty mallet (or maybe just a spork), and find out which iconic Squad member you'd have your back (and fins) against the world with!

How do you handle betrayal from someone you trusted?

How do you feel about authority figures manipulating criminals for their own agenda?

Your mission involves unpredictable elements. How do you prepare?

In a team setting, how do you contribute to the group's dynamics?

Your loved one is in danger, and you have to choose between loyalty and the mission. What's your decision?

How do you handle conflicting orders from authority figures?

When given the chance to prove yourself, what's your approach?

How do you react when faced with a seemingly impossible mission?

Your abilities or skills are critical to a mission's success. How do you handle the responsibility?

Your loyalty to a team member is tested. What's your response?

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