Which Sweet Tooth Character Are You? - Sweet Tooth Quiz

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Which Sweet Tooth Character Are You? - Sweet Tooth Quiz

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Sweet Tooth is a Netflix original series based on the DC comic book.Show More

It follows Gus, a young boy who is half deer. The world he approaches is scary and unpredictable - and to make things worse it’s post-apocalyptic. He’s not alone though, Gus teams up with Jeppard. A lone wolf who doesn’t like to be next to anyone for too long.
Which Sweet Tooth Character Are You? - Quiz
Do you like Sweet Tooth? Can you relate yourself to any of the characters? If you’re missing that hit of adrenaline from your favorite show then take our Sweet Tooth quiz! Find out which character you are. Whether it’s Gus, Bear or Jeppard this quiz will reveal your true self inside. It doesn't matter if you’re tough as nails, caring or mysterious - give this quiz a shot and find out what you get! All you have to do is scroll down and click start!

Can you describe your ideal home?
How do you feel about change?
How do you prefer to express yourself?
What are you considering to be your most prominent quality or talent?
How do you typically approach solving problems?
How do you handle stress?
In what manner would you prefer us to communicate with you?
What inspires you to act?
What activities do you enjoy doing during your free time?
What is your biggest fear?
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