Tekken: Bloodline Quiz: Which Tekken Character Are You?

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Tekken: Bloodline Quiz: Which Tekken Character Are You?

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Tekken: Bloodline is an anime television series of action and fantasy genres based on a video game series called Tekken that was developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It borrows loosely from the 1997 video game, Tekken 3, where Jin’s mother is killed by Ogre and he seeks to take revenge. To accomplish this, he undergoes training under his cruel grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, who teaches him how to fight against the Ogre. He organizes a competition called King OF Iron Fist tournament. The show has six episodes on Netflix as of August 18th, 2022. 

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The stage where you fight has destructible floors. What is your plan to maximize on this setting?
Your character is known for being able to quickly dodge and evade attacks. How can you use this strength in your matches?
A tag team match is in progress and your partner has been taken off by his/her opponent. What do you do?
Have you ever discovered such thing as a secret underground fighting arena, where people place bets on illegal matches? What will you do?
You are invited to a prestigious fighting tournament, and you have the chance to prove your skills to the world. Do you accept the challenge?
You find yourself in a dark alleyway, and suddenly, a group of thugs approaches you with menacing intentions. What do you do?
Your opponent keeps spamming long-range attacks. How do you deal with such a situation?
You are offered a powerful artifact that can grant you immense strength, but it comes with a dark side. Do you accept the artifact?
What would you do when faced with an opponent who seems invincible?
Two players have almost died in a limited-time match, so what will you do to win?
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