Terence Lewis Quiz: An Indian dancer and great choreographer

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Terence Lewis Quiz: An Indian dancer and great choreographer

Terrence Lewis was born in April 1975 in India. He is an Indian dancer and choreographer who specialize in contemporary dance. He has judged the reality dance series Dance India Dance seasons 1, 2, and 3. His 'Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company' is based in Mumbai. In addition, he runs dance workshops in India and abroad. Terence Lewis also received the Staar Parivaar Award for Favourite Judge. A judge for India's Best Dancer, he choreographed Disney India's first theatre production of Beauty and the Beast.

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When was Terrence Lewis born?
How many movies has he done?
For how many seasons has he been the judge of Dance India dance?
In which year did he choreograph Lagaan?
In which year a biopic documentary about his own life, "Terence Lewis, Indian Man," directed by the French director Pierre X. Garnier will be released?
In which year did he win American Choreography Award for his choreography for songs of the movie Lagaan?
In which year did he join as a contestant in Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 3?
He was the mentor of which contestant in the second season of Dance India dance?
The name of the last show did he play the role of the judge?
He is known for which dance show?