Which The Ark Character Are You? - The Ark Quiz

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Which The Ark Character Are You? - The Ark Quiz

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The Ark is a new science fiction television series on Syfy.Show More

The show follows the survivors of a catastrophic event on a spacecraft known as Ark One, which is shuttling a complement of would-be colonists away from a devastated Earth to a new home, Proxima b.

As you traverse the cosmic expanse of "The Ark," you're invited to uncover the facets of your own identity that resonate with these multifaceted characters. Are you the resilient leader, the skeptical observer, the adaptable problem-solver, or the unexpected rising star? 

How do you approach a mystery that needs solving?

What's your approach to learning new skills?

How do you handle disagreements within a group?

What's your preferred way to solve problems?

What's your approach to planning for the future?

When faced with danger, what's your first instinct?

How do you express empathy towards others?

What's your stance on embracing new experiences?

What role do you often find yourself assuming in a group dynamic?

In a leadership role, how would you motivate your team?

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