Which The Glory Character Are You? - The Glory Quiz

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Which The Glory Character Are You? - The Glory Quiz

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The Glory is a popular south Korean television series.Show More

The series was written by Kim Eun-sook and directed by Ahn Gil-ho for Netflix. The story focus on Moon Dong-eun, who has made it her life's work to exact vengeance on those who harassed her in high school. Step into the exhilarating world of "The Glory" and discover which iconic character from this captivating series aligns with your personality. 
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Let's find out which character from 'The Glory' you are! Take this quiz to uncover if you're entirely Moon Dong-eun, Joo Yeo-jeong, Park Yeon-jin Kang Hyeon-nam or someone else. Good luck!

How do you handle secrets and hidden agendas?

How do you handle setbacks and failures?

How do you handle secrets and betrayal within your inner circle?

What is your preferred approach to solving mysteries?

How do you handle moral dilemmas?

What is your approach to achieving your goals?

What is your preferred leadership style?

What role do you usually play in a group dynamic?

How do you handle difficult decisions?

How do you approach relationships?

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