The King's Affection Quiz: Which The King's Affection Character Are You?

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The King's Affection Quiz: Which The King's Affection Character Are You?

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Released in 2016, The King's Affection is a South Korean television series directed by     Song Hyun-wook and written by Han Hee-jung, based on Lee So-young's manhwa Yeonmo. It was the first South Korean TV Show to win an International Emmy Award.
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See how much you know about this romantic South Korean television series. Let's find out which character from ‘The King's Affection' you are! Take this quiz to uncover if you're entirely Crown Prince Lee Hwi, Jung Ji-woon, Lee Hyun, Kim Ga-on or someone else.

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How do you react when faced with a life-altering decision?
How do you handle secrets or sensitive information?
What drives your actions and decision-making?
How do you approach romantic relationships?
How do you handle responsibilities and expectations that come with your position?
How do you handle challenges or conflicts with others?
How do you deal with feelings of love and affection for someone?
How do you approach friendships?
What is your approach to handling betrayal from someone you trusted?
How do you respond to criticism and judgment from others?
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