Which The Super Mario Bros Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which The Super Mario Bros Character Are You? - Quiz

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Welcome To The Super Mario Bros Quiz!Show More

Are you the adventurous plumber, Mario, with a penchant for saving princesses? Perhaps you're the speedy and nimble Luigi, or the fire-wielding powerhouse, Bowser? Dive into the Mushroom Kingdom's whimsical universe and explore the traits that define you in this interactive quest. From power-ups to warp pipes, embark on a nostalgic journey as you unravel – Which Super Mario Bros Character Are You? Embrace the challenge, and let the gaming magic unfold!
Jump into the iconic pixelated realm of Super Mario Bros with our thrilling quiz! Unleash your inner gaming hero and discover which beloved character mirrors your personality.

Your friend is trapped on a distant platform. How do you rescue them?

How would you deal with your dog if electric eels circled the river?

Which word suits your character as per Super Mario Bros Movie?

Your friend is in the hands of the villain! What can you do to save them?

Which character describes you the most in Super Mario Bros Movie?

What is your biggest fear?

What would you do if someone were harassing you?

How would you handle the danger of a friend, family member, or someone you love?

What's your party-going style when invited to a grand party?

There's a mysterious item blocking your path. What's your reaction?

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