The Surrogacy Quiz: Which The Surrogacy Character Are You?

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The Surrogacy Quiz: Which The Surrogacy Character Are You?

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Netflix released The Surrogacy movie in 2023. It is Mexican emotional movie. The Surrogacy created by Araceli Guajardo.  The story revolves around a woman renting her womb to a powerful family of Mexican businessmen to save her father's life. After her delivery, she wakes up in a hospital where she is given a baby born with a physical disability. Shaní Lozano, Marcela Guirado, Leticia Calderón, and Minnie West are among the leading star cast.
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See how much you know about this tremendously popular emotional movie. Let's find out which character from ‘The Surrogacy’ you are! Take this quiz to uncover if you're entirely Yeni, Ana, Nora, Victoria or someone else. Have a good day!

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How do you show your love and care for others?
How do you approach new and unfamiliar situations?
When faced with a major life decision, what is your approach?
How do you handle stress and pressure?
How do you typically handle conflicts with others?
How do you handle criticism or feedback from others?
How do you typically communicate with others?
How do you approach challenges and obstacles in your life?
How do you handle unexpected changes or disruptions in your life?
In a difficult situation, which behavior would you most likely exhibit?
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