Theodore William Richards Trivia Quiz: Father of Information Theory

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Theodore William Richards was an American chemist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1914 for his work on the determination of atomic weights. He was born in 1868 in Germantown, Pennsylvania, and studied at Harvard University where he later became a professor of chemistry.

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Which of the following awards did Theodore William Richards receive?

  • Nobel Prize for Physics

  • Willard Gibbs Award

  • Davy Medal

  • All of the above

What was Theodore William Richards' religious affiliation?

  • Catholic

  • Protestant

  • Jewish

  • Quaker

How many children did Theodore William Richards have?

  • One daughter

  • One son

  • Two sons

  • Two daughters and one son

Where did Theodore William Richards earn his Bachelor of Science degree?

  • Harvard University

  • Haverford College

  • University of Göttingen

  • None of the above

Who showed Theodore Richards Saturn's rings through a small telescope?

  • William Trost Richards

  • Anna Matlack Richards

  • Gilbert N. Lewis

  • Josiah Parsons Cooke

What was Theodore Richards' doctoral dissertation topic?

  • The determination of the atomic weight of hydrogen relative to oxygen

  • The determination of the atomic weight of oxygen relative to hydrogen

  • The study of thermochemistry

  • The study of electrochemistry

What position did Theodore William Richards hold at Harvard in 1912?

  • Assistant professor of chemistry

  • Full professor of chemistry

  • Chairman of the Department of Chemistry

  • Director of the Wolcott Gibbs Memorial Laboratory

Where was Theodore William Richards born?

  • Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Germantown, Pennsylvania

  • Newport, Rhode Island

  • Göttingen, Germany

What were some of Theodore William Richards' recreational activities?

  • Sketching, golf, and sailing

  • Playing the piano and violin

  • Reading and writing poetry

  • None of the above

Who was Theodore William Richards' doctoral advisor?

  • Victor Meyer

  • Farrington Daniels

  • Josiah Parsons Cooke

  • Charles Phelps Smyth


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