Thursday's Widows Quiz: Which Thursday's Widows Character Are You?

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Thursday's Widows Quiz: Which Thursday's Widows Character Are You?

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Thursday's Widows (Las Viudas de los Jueves) is a Spanish-language mystery drama television series created by Marcelo Piñeyro and based on the novel of the same name by Claudia Piñeiro. The series stars Ana Celentano as Teresa, a woman whose husband and two of his friends are found dead. '
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If you're a fan of crime dramas and the thrilling world of Thursday's Widows, you're in for a captivating experience. In this quiz, we'll examine your personality and choices to determine which character you relate to most from the series. Are you as cunning as Martin, as calculated as Gustavo, as mysterious as Apoderado, or as investigative as Periodista? Let's uncover the truth!

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What role do you prefer in a criminal operation?
When faced with a difficult decision, what's your approach?
What motivates you the most in the criminal world?
How do you maintain your anonymity in the criminal underworld?
How do you handle betrayal from someone close to you?
What's your preferred method of communication in a secretive operation?
What's your stance on loyalty in criminal circles?
When dealing with rivals, how do you handle the competition?
How do you handle unexpected obstacles?
What's your reaction when faced with a moral dilemma?
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