Tim Berners-Lee Trivia Quiz: Invented World Wide Web (WWW)

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Tim Berners-Lee Trivia Quiz: Invented World Wide Web (WWW)

Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, an English computer scientist, was born in 1955. He is also popularly known as TimBL. The World Wide Web is one of his most recognized inventions. In addition to being a Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Professor Tim Berners-Lee is an Oxford Professor of Computer Science. Here are 10 amazing quiz questions based on Tim Berners-Lee. Let’s play!

In which year did Tim Berners-Lee receive Queen Elizabeth Prize?

  • 2011

  • 2012

  • 2013

  • 2014

Who is Tim Berners-Lee’s wife?

  • Keeth Leith

  • Simona Smith

  • Rosemary Leith

  • None of these

What is Tim Berners-Lee’s occupation?

  • Doctor

  • Politician

  • Computer Scientist

  • Painter

In which year was Tim Berners-Lee elected as Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences?

  • 2009

  • 2010

  • 2011

  • 2012

How many children does Tim Berners-Lee?

  • Two

  • Three

  • One

  • Four

What is the name of Tim Berners-Lee's father?

  •  James F. Smith

  • Conway Berners-Lee

  • Harry Wexner

  • Jim Haslam

What is the religion of Tim Berners-Lee?

  • Hinduism

  • Christianity

  • Catholic

  • Jewish

Where was Tim Berners-Lee born?

  • United Kingdom

  • Canada

  • United States

  • India

In which university did Tim Berners-Lee work as a professor?

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • University of Oxford

  • Both A and B

  • None of these

In which year was the World Wide Web (WWW) invented?

  • 1987

  • 1986

  • 1999

  • 1989

When was Tim Berners-Lee born?

  • 10 June 1955

  • 8 June 1955

  • 7 June 1955

  • 10 June 1955

Tim Berners-Lee is also known as _________.

  • Tim Cook

  • TimBL

  • Tim Kick

  • None of these

What is the height of Tim Berners-Lee?

  • 5 Feet , 10 Inches (Approx)

  • 4 Feet, 10 Inches (Approx)

  • 5 Feet, 6 Inches (Approx)

  • 6 Feet ,0 Inches (Approx)

Who invented the World Wide Web?

  • Federico Faggin

  • Roger L. Easton

  • Tim Berners-Lee

  • None of these


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