Which Top Boy Character Are You? - Top Boy Quiz

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Which Top Boy Character Are You? - Top Boy Quiz

Top Boy Quiz, Which Top Boy Character Are You?, Top Boy TV Series Quiz, How well do you Know the last season of Top Boy?

Top Boy, the gripping British crime drama series, was first brought to life by Ronan Bennett.Show More

 Channel 4 aired the initial two seasons in 2011 and 2013 before Netflix gave it a new lease of life in 2019. The show takes us into the lives of drug dealers and gang members living in Summerhouse estate - a fictional locale in Hackney, East London. The strength of Top Boy lies not just in its authentic depiction of the drug scene but also how it showcases complex relationships among characters. It's lauded for its varied cast and brave stance on hard-hitting issues like poverty, violence, racism.
Ready for some Top Boy Trivia?
If you're hooked onto Top Boy like we are, let's see which character mirrors your personality best from this raw representation of East London. Could you be Dushane-the heartless gang boss? Or perhaps Sully- ever faithful friend? Maybe Jaq - shrewd yet ambitious businessman resonates with you or Jamie whose kindness is his strength! Answer these questions honestly to reveal if your alter ego matches Jaq’s cunningness, Sully’s loyalty , Dushane’s ruthlessness or Jamie’s compassion.

What's your preferred method of conflict resolution?

What's your approach to loyalty and friendship?

What motivates you the most?

How do you react to authority figures?

What's your philosophy on crime and the underworld?

What's your relationship with the criminal underworld's hierarchy?

What's your relationship with the neighborhood you come from?

What's your stance on family and personal relationships?

What's your view on redemption and second chances?

What's your ultimate goal in life?

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