Tracey Edmonds Trivia Quiz: CEO of Edmonds Entertainment Group Inc

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Tracey Edmonds Trivia Quiz: CEO of Edmonds Entertainment Group Inc

Tracey Edmonds Quiz: How well do you know Tracey Edmonds?

Tracey Edmonds is an American businesswoman, producer, and television personality. She co-founded Edmonds Entertainment Group with her ex-husband, musician Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. She later served as CEO of the company and produced hit films such as Soul Food and Josie and the Pussycats. Edmonds also served as co-host on Extra and as executive producer on several reality TV shows. Here are 10 amazing quiz questions on Tracey Edmonds. Lets’ play the quiz!

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What is the name of the Web network founded by Tracey Edmonds in 2013?
Where does Tracey Edmonds reside?
What is Tracey Edmonds' current position?
Alongside which two hosts did Tracey Edmonds co-host Extra?
What is Games People Play?
On which board of directors does Tracey Edmonds sit?
In what year did Tracey Edmonds join Extra?
What type of media has Tracey Edmonds produced projects for?
How many sons does Tracey Edmonds have?
For what project did Tracey Edmonds earn an Emmy Award?

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