Tsai Ing-Wen Quiz: President of Taiwan

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  • Last Updated: 09 Aug, 2022
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Tsai Ing-Wen Quiz: President of Taiwan

Tsai Ing-Wen is a politician from Taiwan currently serving as President of Taiwan since May 2016. She was the first woman elected to the position and the first leader of indigenous ancestry. With her victory in 2016, Tsai-Ing-Wen became Taiwan's first female president, making history.  She is in charge of one of Asia's most open democracies. Let solve the Tsai Ing-Wen quiz.

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When was Tsai Ing-Wen born?
When did Ms Tsai join the DPP?
Tsai Ing-Wen served as which president of the Taiwan?
When did Tsai Ing-Wen take over as president of Taiwan in first presidential term?
Which party did Tsai Ing-Wen represent?
Who did Tsai Ing-Wen defeat in the election for DPP chair?
Where was Tsai Ing-Wen born?
From which university did Ms Tsai complete her master's degree?
Who did Tsai lose against in the 2012 fifth presidential election?
In which year did Tsai Ing-wen win her second presidential term?