Vampire in the Garden Quiz: Which Vampire in the Garden Character Are You?

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Vampire in the Garden Quiz: Which Vampire in the Garden Character Are You?

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Vampire in the Garden is a heart-wrenching and beautiful series of novels that examines the taboo affair between an immature human girl and a vampire queen. The series takes place in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a war between humans and vampires as these two protagonists go through issues of prejudice, conflicts and searching for their paradise where they can live together side by side.
Do you know which character from Vampire in the garden are you?
This quiz will look into your personality traits and choices to match you with one character from Vampire in the Garden with whom you might have some traits in common. Are you Momo, the bold one who always looks on the bright side of life? Or is it Queen Fine, who is both nurturing and majestic? After all, do you see yourself as Allegro who sticks around or Kubo who can’t decide? Don’t hesitate to take this test!
This quiz will enable one to discover more about Vampire in The Garden. It helps you connect emotionally with these characters as well as uncover unexpected likenesses between yourself and your darling personalities. Moreover, this quiz gives a way for insight into what drives your own beliefs and actions.

Let's Start this Quiz
When you are betrayed by people you trusted, how would you respond?
When confronted by a powerful adversary, what is your initial reaction?
In the pursuit of uncovering hidden truths, what guides your actions?
What role do you take as part of a team naturally?
What do you do when facing a moral dilemma?
If you were being faced by personal difficulties; what part of yourself would you rely on the most?
What drives you to investigate the unknown of supernatural mysteries in our world?
What is your approach to relationships in a secretive world?
How do you approach the shadows within the supernatural realm?
In a world full of supernatural beings, how would you choose to get through danger?
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