Vardis Fisher Trivia Quiz: An American writer

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Vardis Fisher Quiz: How well do you know Vardis Fisher?

Vardis Fisher (March 31, 1895 – July 9, 1968) was an American writer known for his popular historical novels of the Old West. He taught English at the University of Utah and the Washington Square College of New York University before becoming a full-time writer. Fisher's works were influenced by his family heritage and Mormon upbringing, and often explored the theme of religious belief and unbelief.

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What was Fisher's occupation before becoming a full-time writer?
Which of Fisher's novels won the Harper Prize?
How did Fisher's upbringing influence the themes of his novels, according to Michael Austin?
Which of Fisher's novels was adapted into the film Jeremiah Johnson?
In what year was Fisher officially baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?
Where was Vardis Fisher born?
What did Fisher study at the University of Utah and the University of Chicago?
What was Fisher's first short story, published in The University Pen in 1916, called?
What was the title of Fisher's 12-volume series of novels depicting the history of humans from cavemen to civilization?
In what year was The Idaho Guide, which Fisher worked on for the Federal Writers' Project, published?

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