Vicky Tiel Trivia Quiz: An American-born fashion designer

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Vicky Tiel Quiz: How well do you know Vicky Tiel?

Vicky Tiel is an American-born fashion designer who made a name for herself in Paris, France. She is a couture designer and author of the book It's All About The Dress: What I Learned in Forty Years About Men, Women, Sex and Fashion. Tiel studied fashion design at Pratt Institute and later Parsons School of Design in New York City. In 1964, she and Mia Fonssagrives introduced the Mia-Vicky mini dress at designer Louis Féraud's couture show, gaining international recognition. Tiel's first film credit as a costume designer was for What's New Pussycat?, where she met Elizabeth Taylor, who later became her partner in the Mia-Vicky couture house. Today, Tiel has her own line of clothes on the Home Shopping Network.

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In which movie did Tiel and Fonssagrives introduce the satin wrap dress in 1967?
In which Parisian street did the Mia-Vicky shop open in May 1968?
Who wrote about the Mia-Vicky mini dresses, "Anyone in Fashion Over 25 Might as Well Be Dead"?
What kind of products did Tiel add to her line for the licensing agreement with G111 Corporation in 2013?
In which year did Tiel join HSN TV to produce a line of affordable dresses?
When did Tiel and Elizabeth Taylor become partners in the Mia-Vicky couture house?
What was the name of Tiel's first book, published in 2011?
What did Tiel change her label and boutique name to after Mia Fonssagrives left Paris?
In which year did Vicky Tiel create the one-piece zip-front jumpsuit?
What was the name of the dress introduced by Tiel and Fonssagrives at Louis Féraud's couture show in 1964?

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