Vinland Saga Quiz: Which Vinland Saga Character Are You?

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Vinland Saga Quiz: Which Vinland Saga Character Are You?

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More than being a tale of revenge, Vinland Saga talks about forgiveness, redemption, and the search for the meaning of violence. So get yourself some popcorn and enjoy the ride because you're going to question everything you know about Vikings.
What Vinland Saga Character Are You?
Do you know which character from vinland saga is just like you? Take this quiz to see! We will be able to show whether your hidden spirit is that of a Viking by responding to several questions concerning your personality and motivations.

Let's Start this Quiz
When faced with challenges, do you tend to:
What do you think of "Vinland"?
What will people remember about you?
In a fight, would you rely on:
What is your preferred style of fighting?
Who are you as a leader?
How do you handle betrayal?
What are you driven by:
How do you deal with conflict?
Which role in battle do you prefer?
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